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Archive for May, 2011

Personal Checks

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Think personal checks are becoming obsolete? Think again. For those owning their own businesses, particularly freelancers and contractors, using checks is still beneficial. One aspect from personal checks that anyone can see, such as clients, is your brand. Similar to a business card, a check displays your name, business name if separate from your own, and contact information. Additionally, a set often can display a design or logo reflecting your business. This way, anyone receiving a check from you can have an image associated with you or your business. Can you do that with a set of solid-colored checks?

Personal checks allow users to access funds within their own bank accounts and as such, are sensitive documents. A faked sign on a plagiarized plain check can easily spell doom for a savings account. This is because the money need not be withdrawn from the same branch of the bank that the account was opened in. Designer personal checks reduce this risk to quite an extent since the banks can identify an account-holder from a specific design on the check. Moreover, designer checks usually come with intricate, light and dark patterns that are nearly impossible to duplicate.

The trend of designer checks probably started with some organizations printing company logos upon the checks they issued to their associates and employees. As everyone enjoys seeing a bit of their own selves in the products they use, the idea caught on. Designer checks are made today with many innovative designs, suiting the tastes of different people. For those with an adventurous spirit, there are checks depicting mountaineering, white-water rafting and skydiving. Checks can be watermarked with tigers, bald eagles, blues whale and cougars for those with a conservation message to give. Some designer checks contain a bit of trivia to educate the receiver. An account holder’s favorite actor, sportsperson, president and even a cartoon character can be put on a designer personal check.

Many people prefer to order designer checkbooks online, as it is usually convenient and expedient. However, it is essential to verify if the bank in which the account is registered accepts the online agency as a legitimate provider of designer checks. A background check on the online company’s credentials is also advisable. While delivering the checkbook, the online agency is obligated to provide a list of security features on each check.

Current, an industry leader in online check ordering and check designs, offers Current® Checks, their full line of personal checks. Using state-of-the-art technology, top quality, standard-size Current checks exceed all American Bankers’ Association specifications and are accepted by all financial institutions. Current also offers coordinating accessories, like matching checkbook covers and address labels!

When it’s time to order personal checks, think Current! You’ll get the same great low prices on first-time check orders and check reorders! Plus, choose from their huge selection of check designs in both single and duplicate checks as well as side-tear and top-stub check styles. Complement your personalized checks with matching checkbook covers and address labels. All Current® Checks offer the latest in security features, including EZShield Check Fraud Protection for extra security.

Fresh Flowers Buying Tips

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Different people buy flowers for different reasons. Some buy them as gifts, others for house or office decorations while others buy them for special occasions. Irrespective of the reason, it is important to get quality fresh flowers. There are many types being sold in supermarkets and florist shops. Some are a bit pricey than others. Some people squander their money when they buy some. Buying it is often a simple and adventurous process and the following tips can be of assistance:

Avoid buying outside flowers
One of the major attributes associated with local florist shops is that they always display it outside the shop. While this form of advertisement attracts many people, do not buy the outside flowers. This is because most of these flowers lose their freshness when exposed to potentially harmful ultra violet rays and toxic car fumes especially the ethylene gas which acts as a catalyst in wilting of flowers. Instead, always buy flowers which are inside the shop. They are usually taken care of the environment is very cool making them long lasting and fresh.

Examine the stem ends
The stem ends speaks a lot when it comes to determining its freshness. Fresh flowers tend to have white or green freshly cut stem ends. These stem ends are examined by turning the bunch of flowers upside down. If the stem ends are dark in color, split and/or curling, then this bunch of flowers are old and one should avoid buying them.

Examine the water
All natural flowers that are being sold are usually contained in water. Flowers stored in dirty water do not get the proper minerals and salts which boosts their longevity and freshness. Similarly, preserving them in dirty containers reduces their lives. Always check the water for cleanliness and clarity. If both the water and containers are not clean, then do not buy the bunch of flowers. There are cases where some flowers need to be preserved in “dirty” and muddy water. A good example of these flowers is the tulips.

Critically examine the leaves and flowers
This is one of the most important things to consider before buying flowers. Cut flowers often exhibit leaf death symptoms before the actual flower wilts. Before buying the flowers, check its leaves for leaf death signs and symptoms like yellowing and blotching. If these signs are present then do not buy them. This tip comes in handy when buying water lilies. Check for dried leaves when you are buying roses.