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How to Choose Jewely to Send Messages About You

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Putting on a lot of shiny and eye-catching rings, chains, or other accessories sends a certain message of the need for others to see you, or that you want the attention by others. This acknowledgement or seeking of the focus to be on you somehow appears that there could be something missing, a void in your life.Perhaps, by having this jewelry on, a certain sense of importance may be felt or discovered. As the saying goes, if it feels good, it must be right is not always true. In fact, this could be a very disappointing philosophy or self-motto. There are consequences for choices and just because the moment feels right does not imply that the decision was a good one.

Wearing a lot of items for show, to get attention, or to give some credence to the notion of being seen means being popular and thereby getting attention. This misnomer can, and has brought embarrassment to many people over time. Flashy is rarely appealing to the average person. If you have grown up in rural America or spent any time learning the cultures of small town, U.S.A., you would understand just how insignificant the meaning of being flashy really is and how unimpressive it appears to others.

Finding the need to show off jewelry and make sure others take notice sends mixed messages. Is the person with all of the necklaces, rings and bracelets insecure about how they may look without the gold, diamonds or silver fine pieces? Does this person feel that they are better than others just because they can afford such luxury jewelry?

These two questions are more commonly thought of than some may want to admit or care to consider. While there are those in the world who place their status in life above others because they do not have to experience the challenges of living in a low or middle income household. Having money to afford the more elegant things in life can influence the behavior of some that exudes an arrogant attitude.

Conversely, there are also those who have the ability to be a very down to earth person and be one of the wealthiest people in a region or country. Being insecure about yourself does not improve just because you can afford to slip on some fancy jewelry items. Insecurity is an internal struggle with some people that has affects on behaviors. It does not make them a bad person, only one who needs to improve upon some character flaws.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

A bespoke fitted wardrobe is tailor-made for your room by taking measurements of even the most awkward spaces available – even around established features like eaves and chimney breasts. Amazingly, you can increase your storage space by 40-50% with a fitted robe as opposed to a generic, free-standing one. You can also add useful bespoke features like mirrors, shelving, safes, and even folding work tables to create a compact home office.

Another great benefit of fitted wardrobes is you can make the most of your floor space and not let any areas go to waste – whether it’s an attic room with sloping ceilings or an oddly shaped bedroom with lots of alcoves. However, fitted robes aren’t just for rooms with too many nooks and crannies. They also add a fantastic designer touch to master bedrooms, guest bedrooms and even childrens’ bedrooms…

Types of Bespoke Wardrobes

There are three types of bespoke wardrobes available: sliding doors, bi-fold doors and pivot doors to cater to your exact needs. Wardrobe designs range from wall-to-wall executive suites, to traditional two-door robes with mirror pannelling, to space-saving alcove closets.

You can choose from a range of natural wood colours like coffee, chocolate, caramel or pine – or go for bold statements like black and red geometric patterns or eye-catching primary colours for kid’s bedrooms. With bespoke wardrobes, the possibilities are limitless and you have the opportunity to create your own unique piece of designer furniture. Alternatively, if you don’t want to play the creative cat, you can choose from a fabulous range of existing designs which are then made to measure – giving you an excellent impression of what the final piece will look like.

The Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

The beauty of custom-built furniture is that you can decide how large or small your fitted wardrobe will be, what materials to use, and even what types of shelving, drawers and mirrors to place on the inside. This means the cost of fitted wardrobes can vary considerably – but generally you can expect to pay £1,000 to £1,500 for a two-door alcove wardrobe (depending on the size and specification, the internal layout and the materials used). Elaborate, full scale fitted wardrobe suites can cost thousands of pounds.

Adding Value with Fitted Furniture

If you’re into home improvement, installing fitted furniture is an excellent way to add value to your home. A fitted wardrobe looks impressive, adds considerable character and functionality, and helps the room retain its aesthetic appeal for years to come. It is particularly in modern, bijou apartments where storage space is at premium. Clever use of space will always add value to your property.