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How to Find Brand Name Suppliers – Not Fake Inventory

Monday, August 9th, 2010

It use to be that everyone did their shopping at the local stores, but now, almost everyone shops online. You can find almost anything online including some of the brand names, but interestingly enough, the brand name suppliers you won’t be able to find easily. The good news is, that more and more wholesalers and manufacturers are willing to work with small business owner, BUT the bad news is, the real brand names are hard to find!

By now, you probably noticed that there is a lot of “fake items” online. I know, I use to look for Prada handbags, as they sell a lot on eBay, but I could not find any. WHY? Brand names like those are hard to come across. There is just to much replica, and people will often be scared to buy online from an unknown source. Unless you are selling on eBay, as they have a way to track if the item is real or not.

You can also look at many tradeshows and gift shows. There you can find your brand name suppliers and you can rest easy as all of these have been pre screened. So no fakers in there!

Also, not everyone can get in. If you want to work and talk to those people you do have to be a legitimate business. This will include having a business license and tax ID number. It is always good to have business bank account and checks with your business name on it, sometimes they may require you to have a business card and a letterhead, and make sure it looks professional.

Now if you don’t get some luck in there. You should try finding local outlet stores and hit them on days when they have major sales. Talk to the manager to see if you can buy overstock inventory from them at larger quantity at smaller prices. You can literary buy jeans at dollars and resell online for $20 or more.

At first you may stay away from importing items from overseas, but later on, you should consider doing it, when you can buy large inventory, as you will be able to make HUGE profits.

Now it is work, but of course, no body said it was going to be easy. But you can easily find what you are looking for if you just do a little research.

Why Should You Choose the Brand Name Over the Knock Off ?

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Why should anyone purchase brand name electronics these days, when there are so many knock offs widely available? It’s all about the price, right?
This attitude is actually very wrong! Saving money is great and you should always try to get the absolute best deal possible when buying expensive electronics, but there are some good reasons to make sure that those deals are on real name brand goods, not cheap knock offs.

1. Knock offs purchased online sight unseen usually turn up looking nothing like the real thing. Often, colors are not quite right and there are buttons or pieces not quite in the right place.

2. In the case you do actually get a good knock off that looks just like the real thing, you may be thinking no one will know and you got a great deal. Then you go to turn it on and realize it doesn’t work quite right. Many fake electronic products do not work as they should or some may not work at all.

3. There are also usually little annoyances with knock offs that do work. A music player may have a slight static noise. A DVD player may have inferior voice quality that makes it sound as if the people on TV are shouting through a tunnel. Picture quality may be lacking as well, or may go out rather quickly.

4. So, what if you get a good knock off that looks like the real thing and has decent quality? When you are satisfied with the quality, you are still very likely to feel the sting of the purchase in the long run. This is because knock off goods simply do not last as long as the real thing.

5. Since most knock offs do not have a long functional life, you will have to replace them more frequently than you would the real name brand item. If you have to continually replace the product, what happens to your savings? They go down the drain, that’s what!

6. Finally, you have to understand that purchasing fake electronics rips off the real companies producing high quality goods to consumers who do want the real thing. If you hurt a company just to get a lower priced good, you are hurting the economy and your country as a whole! In fact, if more people would just buy the real thing, the consumer demand would lower the price eventually.

Purchasing knock off or fake electronics is not the same as shopping selectively between two different name brands that offer products of similar quality. You can get great deals by shopping between brands, but when you buy products falsely claiming to be one of those brands, you are no longer comparing goods of similar quality. You are comparing a lump of gold to a lump of coal.