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Ways to Have Unlocked Cell Phone

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Since unlocking mobile phones today is very common there are also a lot of methods on how to do it. One way to have an unlocked cell phone is by acquiring an unlock code. Unlock codes can be ordered in the Internet, service providers and from regular or third-party shops. To unlock a cell phone with the use of an unlock code look for the unlock option on you cell phone. When choosing this option you will be required to enter the unlock code and in a few minutes the lock status of the cell phone will be changed to unlock.

Another way to unlock cell phones is to bring it in a regular shop that offers unlocking services for cell phones. The expert technician will use a special software application which is used to connect to the cell phone. Once it is connected the technician will configure the software to unlock the cell phone. There are settings on cell phone that is changed to make the phone unlocked. The danger of this is that some cell phones stop working properly because some settings are changed. There are functions that the user is not able to use because it will not work with other SIM cards from other carriers. But nonetheless this does not happen to mobile phones manufactured by the major telecommunications company when it is unlocked.

Unlocking cell phones online is one of the easiest ways to do it. To look for a website that offers this service you just open up any search engine then on the search box type-in the phrase “unlocked cell phone”. The results will provide you with numerous websites that offer this service. Some websites sells unlocked cell phone this way you will not have to send your phone to them and wait for it to be delivered back to you.

Another website offers the Smart SIM Unlock Overlay Card this is used to insert in between the SIM card the phone’s contacts. This card is so thin that it will not produce any bulkiness when used in a cell phone. The Smart SIM Unlock Overlay Card is programmed to tell the cell phone that the SIM it is using is the approved SIM. To enable to insert the Smart SIM Unlock Overlay Card you will need to cut out a piece of the SIM card. To order the unlock Overlay Card just enter the phrase “Smart SIM Unlock Overlay Card” in the search box of a search engine. Then in an instant the websites that offer this unlock overlay card will be displayed in the results. The unlock overlay card will definitely provide you with an instant unlocked cell phone.

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