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New Trend In Car Shopping

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

The past years has seen the number of Americans shopping for cars decline. The reason for this trend is said to be the increasing price of petroleum fuel and the mortgage situation in the United States. With these considerations at the back of the mind of American car shoppers, they are now looking for ways to have a new car with less investment. The new trend in car shopping option, according to reports, is taking over someone’s existing car lease.

Even with the present state of the economy, people are still looking to have new cars. But, they are hesitating as they do not want to add another financial burden. This is where taking over someone’s lease comes in. When people do this, they will not be shelling out a lot of money as they would be paying for a vehicle which has already been leased originally to another person meaning that the downpayment has already been paid. is one of the many companies which help people find the right lease option for them.

“”In uncertain economic times, people turn to short-term commitments with their finances,”” said Sergio Stiberman, the Chief Executive Officer of LeaseTrader. “”With, people can take over an existing car lease and manage their finances more clearly because they can budget their monthly car payment for a much shorter time frame.””

Aside from the advantage of not having to pay for the downpayment of $2,000 on average, consumers will also be spared from a long-time financial burden. More often than not, leases are based on a 48-month contract. If a car shopper takes over someone’s existing car lease, he or she will only be paying for the lease in less than 48 months depending on how old the vehicle already is.

Ken Perna, a resident of New Jersey who has taken over someone’s lease contract, said: “”Using is a good way to avoid paying a down payment at a dealer. Also, getting a leased car with only six months remaining gives me a lot of flexibility in determining my driving needs.””

But there are also disadvantages to this as car shoppers will not be driving a new car which has its own appeal. Car shoppers should also be careful about picking the right vehicle that will suit them. In some cases, taking over someone’s lease contract also means that you will be the one purchasing auto parts like the Audi air filter for a vehicle that you will only use for six months or so.