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Personalised Baby Gifts

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Giving gifts to a baby is very traditional and they are bestowed for all types of occasions, including baby showers, new arrivals, christenings, birthdays and naming days. Milestones like a baby’s first steps, first curl and first tooth are also some of the many other reasons to give a gift. Simply put, no matter when they’re given, baby gifts are a great way to show your love or affection.

Some gifts memorialise specific occasions, while others are intended to be fun or educational. Some are purely practical, like nappies and baby clothes, and such necessities rarely go amiss. Other presents are colourfully decorative and ideal for brightening up a nursery, like wall hangings, framed photos or quilts. Certain gifts become cherished heirlooms or family keepsakes while some are passed from child to child within the family or down through generations. But all baby gifts are appreciated, by the baby as well as the other members of the family.

Since a new baby is very special to the people around them, most of those people want to make the present they give just as special. One of the best ways to do this is by giving personalised baby gifts. If a gift is intended for a special occasion, then a personalised gift will always make that occasion even more special. Personalised baby gifts for newborns often include the baby’s name, date and time of birth, but some also include the baby’s length and weight.

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Choosing the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

A baby shower is a great way to get family and close friends to get together for a party to celebrate the coming of a new baby; the parents or the relatives can host the event, but gifts need to be practical and fun to be appreciated.

Remember the purpose of the baby shower is to congratulate and wish well to the expectant parents. Although most people bring gifts that are ultimately for the baby keep in mind the party is about the parents and typically focused on the Mother. If you’re inclined to do so you should think about getting a gift for the Mother or the Father as well. If this is a first child good book on parenting would likely be welcome.

Partners that are excitedly anticipating their first child may need some help, choose your gifts wisely and thoughtfully. You may or may not get the big hurray when you gift is first opened, however if several months down the road it comes in handy just when it’s needed most, you will definitely be the heroine or hero. Besides this you will likely feel more comfortable knowing your gift was actually used rather than discarded, tucked away or re-gifted.make it easy on yourself, check to see if the couple has registered with a gift registry… You cannot go wrong with a gift that was requested. If the parents to be are not on a registry suggest to them or the shower Host or Hostess that this will make it much easier for the “Baby Shower” guest to choose a useful gift.

In lieu of a gift registry remember to be thoughtful and as practical as possible. In the right place and time something as simple as a box of wet wipes could be a life saver.